Mechanical Specifications
Weight: less than 0.5 lb.
Size: 4" x 2.5" x 1.25" (resembling a household lightswitch cover)

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50 deg. C
Humidity: 90% non-condensing

Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage (DC): 11-30 VDC
Output Voltage (V) +/- 2%
    Adjustable by POT:  12.5 - 29.5 VDC
    Output voltage reversal using toggle switch
Output Current (DC): 1A
    Short term (2 min), current limited 1.2A

The following specs are limited by fuse characteristics:
Input Fuse: 3A self-resetting
Output Fuse: 1.3A self-resetting
Enclosure: open frame for mount in single gange box
Quiescent Current:  15 mA (With switch off:  0.0 mA)
Transient Protection: all inputs and outputs
Efficiency: 90% to 96% depending on loading and state of charge.