Due to ever changing Building and Energy Codes, power and lighting systems are undergoing an industry wide transformation that requires components to be interactive, responsive, efficient, reliable and in a word, SMART! The Power hub Driver provides the ideal platform to support this evolution of smart power technologies. From the fully integrated multiple communication options, to the significant array of built-in safety and performance features, the PhD can support a wide assortment of highly efficient DC powered fixtures and loads within buildings of today and tomorrow. The PhD also offers the unparalleled opportunity to provide full integration with a variety of renewable power sources. In short, the PhD is ‘Really Smart Power’.

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  • Converts Class 1 AC (90-305Vac) or DC (127- 431Vdc) power to 16 individual Class 2 outputs to reduce installation costs
  • Modulates Class 2 output power to dim LED lighting to eliminate LED drivers in light fixtures (Not all models)
  • Integrated eight zone 0-10V dimming system to eliminate additional 0-10V dimming system (Not all models)  
  • Integrated wired or wireless communication to simplified commissioning of control systems
  • Fan-less passive cooling for quiet long lasting operation
  • Saf-D-Grid Class 1 plug-in power cables which can be safety connected and disconnected under power.
  • State-of-the-Art Class 2 connector system for robust, adjustable and cost-effect installations.
  • Each Class 2 output (aka Channel) has short circuit and over-power shut-down to protect low voltage installers
  • Designed to serviced as installed to quickly address issues from extreme power quality events.
  • Compatible with Nextek custom cable to have turn-key solution delivered to site
  • Compatible with Emerge LED light fixtures to ensure trouble-free installations
  • Compatible with High Resistance Mid-Point grounding systems to achieve safest Class 1 DC systems
  • Optional mounting brackets for installing unit on Armstrong DC FlexZone modular ceiling system
  • Optional color choices to compliment building aesthetics



  1. Dimensions (WXHXD): 23.5 X 5.8 X 13.6 in (597 X 147 X 345 mm)
  2. Weight: 32 lbs (20kg)
  3. Mounting Options: Hard mount to concrete ceiling, bracket mount to suspended ceiling, threaded rod, Wire rope hanging systems
  4. Input Voltage Range: 90-305Vac or 127-431Vdc
  5. Power Factor Correction: > 0.98 @ 115Vac, >0.93 @ 277Vac