Dimensions:H: 16.498"/419 mm; W: 5.508"/140 mm; D: 3.406"/87 mm

Weight:12.0 lbs.

Mounting Orientation:Horizontall mount

Audible Noise:None

Operational Environmental Limits:

Temperature Range: 0° to 49°C

Humidity: 90% RH non-condensing

Vibration: Low-Frequency 10-55 Hz

Construction:Made of 20 gauge steel manufactured in U.S.A.

Storage Environmental Limits:

Temperature Range: -40° to 85°C

Humidity: 95% RH non-condensing (transport and storage in protective container)

Vibration: Low-Frequency 10-55 Hz

Installation:In proximity to associated load

Solar Terminals min/max wire size:12/14 AWG ONLY

Output Terminals min/max wire size:2/4 AWG

Knockouts (trade sizes):3/4"

Output Voltage (VDC):24.5

Maximum Continuous Output Current (ADC): 63

Maximum Continuous Output Power (W): 1600

Maximum Operating Current (ADC): 4.3

Range of Operating Input Voltage (VDC): 370-430

Maximum Size Input Circuit Overcurrent Protection Available for this Unit (ADC): 15

Efficiency: 97.5% peak at approx. 60% load

Quiescent Power (W):0.7