Energy Efficient

Traditional systems require a power supply and control unit at every fixture. Nextek's success in building the most efficient lighting power distribution system revolves around one concept: the centralization of power conversion and controls. Nextek's Power Server Module consolidates these power supply and control units at one location and distributes controlled power through 16 low voltage channels, making the application of high efficiency power converters and smart controls not only practical, but economically beneficial.


Past systems may have been built on an alternating current grid, but today we live in a world of semiconductors where direct current products make up a significant amount of world wide power consumption. Nextek's system is at the heart of this power revolution. We are a founding and governing member of the EMerge Alliance, working to create power standards for a more efficient future. Our Power Server Module is the best low voltage DC power distribution system available and has been engineered to be compatible with all future EMerge registered products. Installing new devices will be as easy as popping them into the ceiling and flipping a switch.