General Description

Nextek Power Systems (Nextek), a Detroit based, internationally recognized unique electrical lighting and power technology company is seeking a candidate to manage the lighting and building power distribution system design portion of its business. The technology is based on use of DC power that can be derived from connections to either the AC grid, a local renewable energy source, or both. This DC power is then distributed throughout the building to power primarily lighting, light fan loads, server grade DC computing equipment and car charging stations at this time. As DC versions of additional commercially available products increase, DC power will be also distributed and connected to additional plug and computer loads, VFD motors and pumps and a wide variety of electronic equipment. The two DC voltages that are utilized for these systems are either 380v DC or 24v DC.

The process of incorporating the assorted DC design elements and features into a building design involves a coordinated design effort between the available DC products and the design criteria for the building lighting and power systems. The DC System Designer will develop detailed knowledge of these DC components, overall DC system design and technical standards for documenting these systems. To gain some initial knowledge of the system, it is advised to review the DC System Design Guide.

One of the primary features of DC power system design is the ability and desirability to directly connect the DC power created from PV Solar panel, wind generators or similar DC producing renewable energy devices to the DC power distribution network. The Direct Coupling® technology has been pioneered by Nextek.

The general design direction is based on standards developed by the EMerge Alliance, a non-profit entity. The EMerge Alliance has over 100 member companies that contribute to the further development of new DC standards that foster the eventual manufacturing of commercially available DC lighting and power products. Please visit for additional information.

Each design project is unique regarding scope and content. The process of documenting project scope is typically via AutoCAD drawings. The DC system design is either edited within a dwg file format drawing or drawn over an imported pdf or similar image file. There is an assortment of CAD symbols and nomenclature that has been developed to support the unique aspects of DC system documentation. Project size varies from a single room to large buildings. The system technology is very modular and flexible by nature and can be applied across many different building configurations.

The Lighting Systems Designer / PM position requires that the candidate also be able to manage multiple projects and personnel. As with any design project, each project will go through multiple design development and review stages. The ability to keep track of priorities and project progress for all projects continuously is critical to maintaining overall schedules and client expectations. As project activity is expected to increase, the support staff working under the direction of the DC Designer / PM will also grow in size. The DC Designer / PM will need to be able to direct staff to keep up with these increases.

The Lighting Systems Designer / PM will typically work with a variety of clients or customers including in-house Nextek sales staff, independent Architects and Engineers, Facility Managers, building owners and contractors. Each client will have a different set of expectations and requirements to be met by the project actions and deliverables.

The Lighting Systems Designer / PM will need to have the following core qualifications:

  • Solid working proficiency of AutoCAD computer drafting software.
  • Overall knowledge of other software including Excel, Word, Power Point and similar.
  • A combination of experience of college level education in the electrical engineering or lighting field.
  • A solid general understanding of electrical and lighting system design.
  • Good communication and leadership skills.
  • The ability to work with and direct others.
  • Strong, reliable work ethic.

Additional desired qualifications:

  • A bachelor of Electrical Engineering or Architecture College degree.
  • Experience with an MEP or Architectural firm in the design and documentation of electrical power distribution and lighting systems.
  • Experience with the design of PV Solar or other renewable energy systems.
  • Project Manager experience with multiple projects.

To Apply: Email a cover letter and resumé to