A/E Specifications

 Sec-26-6024-24V-DC-Power-Distribution-Systems-V1.5-5-23-11.doc 57.00 KB

 Sec-26-6124-24V-DC-Building-Wire-and-Cable-TE-v-1.1-5-23-11.doc 42.00 KB

 Sec-26-6224-24V-DC-Lighting-Devices-and-Controls-v1.2-5-23-11.doc 92.50 KB


Design & Resource Guides

 Nextek Full Design Guide.pdf 11.92 MB

 Nextek Design Quick Links.pdf 986.37 KB

 Nextek Design Guide Worksheet.pdf 6.81 MB

The Nextek Design and Resource Guides are fully interactive documents that allow users to plan and compute the feasibility of integrating a Direct Current power system into their environment.


Construction Resources

 Nextek DC Bid Instructions.pdf 2351 KB