90% of all workplace accidents stem from electrical mishaps, many of which are the result of a worker coming into contact with a powered line. Traditional electrical wiring runs on unregulated, high voltage power that requires conduit for load cables. Our lighting system distributes regulated power at 24VDC, making it touch safe and free of shock hazards.



In addition to being safe, low voltage power distribution means our system can utilize conduit free, plug-and-play wiring. This makes office lighting reconfigurations faster and easier to perform. Our system also integrates with the Armstrong FlexZone ceiling grid system, meaning fixtures can be moved from one space to another in a matter of minutes without the hassle of needing an electrician on-site.


Our connected state-of-the-art control system gathers information from occupancy and daylight sensors to provide ideal light levels. Lighting control access can be given to as many users as necessary, such as allowing individual employees to control the lights within their space. Customizable controls help optimize lighting levels for a more comfortable and energy efficient building.