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Nextek Power Systems Partners with Leading Technology and Energy Providers to Build China’s First Direct-Current Microgrid

Nextek Power Systems has announced a partnership with the School of Energy Research at Xiamen University, and several other technology companies, to create the first direct-current powered commercial building in China. Nextek joins Canadian Solar, Intel Corporation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and People Power Company in the collaborative effort, which is designed to showcase technology that will change the way China manages, controls and consumes energy. The project will integrate renewable energy sources and storage batteries to serve building electrical loads through one-touch mobile and web-based energy management systems and controls.

This effort is especially significant because Chinese building energy consumption methods, if unchanged, could account for 20 percent of the world’s 2020 global coal consumption, according to the National Resources Defense Council. New Chinese building energy codes call for at least 50 percent energy savings at less than a 10 percent cost increase, compared to existing building costs.

Nextek Power Systems’ role will be to introduce the first Direct Coupling® Microgrid in mainland China that will incorporate diverse energy loads such as direct-current lighting, air conditioning, data centers, electrical vehicle charging and building plug loads.

“Nextek Power Systems is delighted to be working with our friends at LBNL, Intel, People Power Company, Canadian Solar and Xiamen University to field our first significant installation in the country,” said Paul Savage, CEO of Nextek Power Systems. “We think the opportunities that will spring from this are endless.”

People Power Company will provide cloud-based energy management, control and behavioral analytics applications that will enable building managers to control and manage building loads. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will develop methods and algorithms for the optimal equipment choice and operation of direct-current microgrids. Canadian Solar will provide customized solar panels for this rooftop solar system and Intel will provide technical expertise and advice on the research



Nextek Featured in Chinese Article

早在2006年,美国能源部下属的劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室(Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLBNL)就进行了以直流方式向数据中心的服务器供电的试验。据该实验室介绍,运行着多台服务器的数据中心所消耗的电力,相当于面积相同的普通办公楼的100倍,如果消除目前进行的交直流转换过程,每台服务器的耗电量至少可减少9.34%。除LBNL外,包括美国思科、英特尔、美国Nextek电力系统、日本NTT FACILITIESSun等共29家公司也参加这一试验。此次试验设置了在380V直流电压下工作的Sun服务器群和配备英特尔微处理器的服务器群。作为比较对象,还同时运行了配置相同,利用普通交流电运行的服务群。减少交直流转换过程,除了可以削减相应的设备费用外,还可减少发热量,降低数据中心制冷设备所消耗的电力。以直流方式运行的数据中心还可以使用太阳能电池、燃料电池等绿色直流发电设备,进一步降低碳排放量。

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