Wind turbines and microgrid used by Hawaiian farmers

In North Kohlal, Hawaii farmers are using an off-grid water pumping system for irrigating their fields as an alternative to diesel generators.

Like many others in remote locations and island communities, North Kohala farmers have been searching for an alternative to using polluting, expensive diesel fuel to generate electricity. This microgrid project, known as SkyGrid Energy, marks the growing trend of turning to affordable, clean, renewable wind energy as the solution. The NPS 100 wind turbine is specifically designed to support microgrids with its sophisticated voltage controls and no inrush current, thereby relieving stress to the system. In addition, the NPS 100’s ability to control reactive power independently of wind speed more reliably meets energy demands, a crucial component of microgrids.

In operation since April of this year, the microgrid uses the wind turbine’s as it’s main source of energy production, though it also has a bank of solar panels and a battery backup. The system is able to pump over 30 million gallons of water per year, helping farmers irrigate 400 acres of farmland.

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