This years North American International Auto Show presents Detroit’s green innovations in the auto industry

It’s that time of the year here in Detroit, time for the North American International Auto Show. This year, however, there is a push toward greener vehicles from our own Detroit automakers as MLive’s Mackenzie Mohr reports.

High-powered sports cars are now talking about fuel economy, emissions reduction, engine efficiency, lighter weight vehicles, and fuel consumption reducing technologies, he says. “We’re at the point where everybody has to think in green terms for every vehicle,” Phelan says, “even ones where speed and hauling capability were previously the only major concerns.”

A widespread trend is downsizing engines, Phelan says, while adding turbochargers or superchargers to make up for the power. Many mainstream vehicles, even trucks, are adopting this technology, he says, while retaining power and using far less fuel.

Ford integrated this technology last year, he says, downsizing the F-150’s V-8 engine to a turbocharged V-6. The company made claims that the small turbo engine was just as effective, Phelan says, if not more so. “Pick-up owners tend to be very, very nuts and bolts; very practical,” he says.

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