Solar sales increase as Home Depot brings solar tech into their stores

In recent years, Home Depot has partnered with solar technology companies on each coast, bringing solar technology products into their stores. Having the solar technology, and information about it, available in Home Depot stores brought in $15 million in the first year in New Jersey alone. (Q)The immediate reaction was  "explosive," said Pegler Jr., with 68 sales coming in the first 60 days. A couple weeks later, they were given twenty-one stores. And the company will be offering solar in 100 locations by the end of the year in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts  -- with most of those kiosks located in the first aisle of the stores.

"Home Depot brings a lot of foot traffic," he said. "They could put anything in the front  of the store, but they're choosing solar. We had to do it store by store and earn their respect."

Starting off in New Jersey, the first 40 stores pulled in about $15 million in gross revenue. And new locations have brought in about $1 million in sales per year, said Pegler Jr.(&Q)

With solar power available to homeowners on the shelves of a local store, solar power is on track to move into the mainstream.