Solar installation to help cover one-third of the utility bill for Colorado animal shelter

The CARE animal shelter in Colorado will be running, at least a third of the way on solar power thanks to some help from local businesses and colleges.

SPRING VALLEY, Colorado — By today, approximately one third of the electricity powering the Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) shelter may be coming from the sun rather than conventional power plants.

And, perhaps best of all the benefits involved, this new source of power comes to CARE at only a fraction of the normal cost for such an installation.

On Friday, a crew of Colorado Mountain College students and their instructor, working with Sunsense of Carbondale, finished installing 36 solar panels on movable frames that will track with the sun next to the CARE compound, at 2801 County Road 114.

With all of the supplies, parts, and labor that has been donated to make this a reality, CARE will be able to not only save tremendously on the cost of implementing such a system, but with the savings on their utility bill, they will be able to better care for the animals that they rescue.

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