Renewable energy has seen a significant increase in attention over last decade

At the end of 2012, Todd Woody over at Forbes, gives us a rundown of just how much has changed over the last ten years where renewable energy sources are concerned. He points out four areas where there has been a significant increase in the amount of attention renewable energy has received.

Factiva counted the mentions of various forms of green energy in the world’s major print publications in 2002 and then in 2012.

Solar Energy 2002 Mentions: 3,984 2012 Mentions: 41,651

Wind Power 2002 Mentions: 8,568 2012 Mentions: 61,554

With increases in attention given to renewable energy like these, it’s no surprise that its popularity has been increasing as well. Even though fossil fuels still hold the greatest market share, it’s nice to see that renewable energy is being discussed more.

See all of the renewable energy numbers here: