Record energy storage battery slated for Japan

Japan’s rapid development of renewable energy is heading to the point where it’s power grid can no longer handle the level of energy production that it is encountering from renewable sources. In response to this problem, Japan has announced that it will off-set this energy production with an enormous storage battery system.

According to Kyodo News Service, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the battery will have a storage capacity of around 60 megawatt hours, helping provide a stable electricity supply generated from solar as well as wind power sources.

The project will be set up by March 2015 and will use up a large share of ¥29.6 billion ($299.5 million) from allocated funding for battery projects.

While other countries have been using storage batteries, the M.E.T.I. said Japan will be the first to build one in an electrical substation.

This project will not only allow Japan to continue to efficiently use and store renewable energy, but will also test the viability of such large battery storage capacity.

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