Oregon creates 5 megawatt battery storage in Salem

In Salem, Oregon, Portland General Electric’s Salem Smart Power Center has 5 MW worth of battery storage in order to take better advantage of clean energy production.

The center will serve about 500 homes and businesses in southeast Salem as a microgrid, and PGE says its implementation will allow the company to figure out how to efficiently take advantage of more clean power.

“Outfitted with a large-scale energy storage system, the center is designed to help PGE test how to store and better integrate variable renewable energy sources like solar and wind into the electrical grid, along with several other smart technologies,” the company said last week as company officials and politicos – including U.S. Senator Ron Wyden – celebrated a ribbon-cutting.

This project is currently for testing clean energy production and storage capabilities, though it is being done in partnership with PGE customers. The PGE project, which is part of a larger Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project, is a stepping stone toward large-scale smartgrid implementation.

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