New wind turbine from GE can run cheaper than coal or natural gas

GE’s new Brilliant 1.6-100 wind turbine is one of the first available that allows for short-term, grid-scale battery storage, addressing the main critique that wind energy is intermittent.

Already cost-competitive with thermal coal and natural gas power generation – not to mention its numerous other often ignored and unaccounted for social and ecological benefits and cost savings, which are substantial – GE’s looking to drive the cost of wind energy down further, pushing the envelope outward by incorporating “industrial Internet” capabilities and short-term, grid-scale power storage in the Brilliant 1.6-100 systems platform.

Ramp Control, Predictive Power Analytics, and Frequency Regulation (i.e. short-term grid power storage) make the Brilliant 1.6-100 more efficient, reliable, and grid friendly — as well as larger — than its predecessors. In short, according to Keith Longtin, general manager of Wind Products for GE Power & Water, the Brilliant 1.6-100 is the “latest and greatest” commercial wind turbine GE has built.

Enabling wind farm owners and operators to more efficiently and cost-effectively convert wind energy into electricity and supply it to power grids improves the economics of utility-scale wind power. One aspect of this is the capacity to generate additional revenue by selling electricity into the frequency regulation segments of regional grid power markets.

The new advancement in turbine technology will help the efficiency of wind generated power by being able to store the energy generated during the “ramp-up” period in battery banks and feed it into the grid at any point during the day as well as smooth the transition between wind energy generation and grid power during ramp-up and shut down.

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