New storage system important innovation for renewable energy

Duke Energy Renewables has successfully implemented a 36 MW battery storage system at their 153 MW wind farm in Texas.

“Battery storage is an important innovation to address the variability of wind and solar energy generation,” said Duke Energy Renewables President Greg Wolf.

“Developing an expertise in this advanced technology will enable us to expand the use of renewable energy, better integrate it into the power grid and become even more efficient at serving our customers.”

This project was undertaken by a grant from the Department of Energy of $22 Million.

Dr Imre Gyuk, Programme Manager for energy storage at the DoE, said: “Completion of this project represents a singular success for Duke Energy, for the DOE, and for the entire energy storage community in the U.S. It will demonstrate the capability of energy storage to mitigate the variability of wind energy and to contribute to the stability of the grid."

In addition to being an incredible advancement in energy storage, the energy stored using this battery system will be distributed to the public by the Department of Energy.

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