Maryland home to commercial solar microgrid

Maryland’s first commercial solar microgrid has recently been completed for Konterra Reality in Laurel, MD. of the first for the nation: a 402kW system combining grid-interactive energy storage and a 1,368 panel solar PV canopy array… The solar microgrid system is expected to generate of 20 per cent of the annual building power for the Konterra headquarters, as well as power for two electric vehicle charging stations and LED parking lot lighting. The energy it will generate is equivalent to the electrical usage of about 57 American homes for one year or removing 90 passenger vehicles from the roads per year.

The PV array would also stay online in the event of a conventional power grid outage, with the batteries of the advanced energy storage system  able to maintain a critical load of 50kW for just over four hours overnight and recharge the next day.

With the completion of this project, the combination of solar generation and battery storage can be tested on a large scale and in real-world conditions and help keep the price of solar power dropping.

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