EMerge Alliance announces updated Occupied Space standards

The EMerge Alliance, of which Nextek Power Systems is a member, has recently announced that it has updated its Occupied Space standard for the utilization standard of low-voltage DC power in commercial interiors.

The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space standard creates an integrated, open platform for power, interior infrastructures, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power within commercial buildings. Version 1.1 includes several important updates to voltage limits, recommended cable sizes and other requirements to assist companies developing products when using the standard. These changes are backwards compatible and maximize the interoperability and efficiency of EMerge Alliance Registered products.

According to Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson, the Occupied Space standard version 1.1 allows for better connectivity with the forthcoming EMerge Alliance Task Level/Furnishings standard and contributes to the organization's push to deliver a portfolio of integrated standards that increase building flexibility and sustainability, while lowering operating costs. These standards also facilitate the direct use of on-site power generation and storage, which eliminates the need for many inefficient power form conversions in buildings.

Read the full article here: http://www.cospp.com/news/2012/10/03/emerge-alliance-releases-version-1-1-of-occupied-space-standard-nl-progress-continues-toward-integra.html