Companies seeking sustainable energy also find cost savings

Late last month, Clean Technica posted a story about how green technologies are not only good for companies looking be more sustainable (or meet sustainability requirements) but can also help companies save money:

A few weeks ago, Flareum Technologies completed installation of a solar-powered air conditioning system  to cool the Bangalore offices of Siemens. This 10 TR system uses the sun’s rays and an innovative vapor absorption technology (as compared to the vapor compression technology used by traditional air conditioners) to produce 200 kWh of cooling power while reducing the carbon footprint of the office by 30,000 tons of emissions annually. Installing this system will help Siemens meet its goal of becoming a greener company and also save the company more than $12,000 annually.

Siemens isn’t the only company to see the benefits of using sustainable energy. A report by the Environmental Defense Fund has found that other multinational corporations have made the decision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not necessarily because of the environmental impact, but because of the cost savings:

A recent report from the Environmental Defense Fund  found that decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at major multinational corporations such as Nike, IKEA, and Walmart weren’t driven by prospects of regional or global carbon pricing, but saving money.

It would seem that both companies and individuals are seeing the benefits of green technologies - Including financial benefits.

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