Can computer games help kids make better environmental choices?

New Straits Times reported recently that a new type computer games could be introduced into schools in Malaysia that would help students become familiar with environmental situations they may run into in the future.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui said school-going children will be able to use the gaming environment as their basic foundation before adapting it into real-life situations in their later years.

“Schools are now equipped with computers and these games will assist in a student’s understanding about natural resources and to find ways to preserve the environment,” Chin said during a ‘SieMyCity: Build your ideal KL simulation game challenge’ press conference, here.

He said the computer games involved honing a child’s decision-making skills and in future, when they are in a position to make a decision, there was some form of prior knowledge.

This could be a great way to teach about integrating green technology and green living into everyday life early on. Through introducing games like this into schools, children could grow up knowing how to be environmentally responsible.

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