California to gain almost all second half 2013 electricity from solar

According to the California Independent System Operator’s publication in 2012, 97% of the generation capacity to be added in California during the second half of 2013 is from solar projects.

In total, 1,633 megawatts of generation capacity are in line to be added to the grid in 2H 2013. A whopping 1,581 megawatts (MW) are from solar projects. 52 MW are from biomass projects.

That’s a big shift from the first half of the year (and, well, all of previous history). Herman writes: “By the end of the first half of the year, the ISO will have added 3,391 megawatts of nameplate capacity, of which 2,296 megawatts will be natural gas, 565 megawatts will be wind and 530 megawatts will be solar.”

While it’s great to see that solar is getting used more and more, it would be beneficial for future renewables additions to be more balanced between technologies.

“What we want is a diverse renewables portfolio that includes solar PV, wind, geothermal and CSP with storage,” White said. “As time goes on, we need to smooth this out and include demand response, energy efficiency, storage, and even out-of-state resources.”

This addition of solar energy could very well be indicative of the energy climate and popular view of renewables. Regardless of the numbers, it’s nice to see renewable energy generation technologies being taken advantage of.

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