Americans want to see more solar power in US

Solar Panel A recent poll, according to Adam Johnston of Clean Technica, pointed out that almost 90 percent of Americans think that the U.S. should be using more solar energy for our country’s energy needs.

The Ipsos-Reid Poll done for Sungevity recognized 89% of respondents favor more solar power in the US energy supply.

Meanwhile, 81% of those surveyed said that, despite whatever political stripe is in power, solar energy should be used in state and federal residences.

This is good news except for the fact that Americans have several reasons for being apprehensive about actually “pulling the trigger” when it comes to installing solar panels:

However, despite the survey, there are some challenges that face the solar industry in making it more appealing to consumers. Of those asked why they would not use solar energy, 47% said installation doubts were the biggest obstacle. Other challenges noted in the survey included: lack of solar options in the area (16%), not generating enough energy (19%), and customers not living in a very sunny place (12%) — of course, none of those were majority answers, but misconceptions (such as the last one) and obstacles still need to be addressed.

The survey shows that solar companies should make themselves for visible to potential consumers and stress how simple the process of installing solar electrical systems has become.

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