A new portable wind turbine is receiving some international interest

A new portable wind turbine may revolutionize portable renewable power sources.

What fits into a standard shipping container and has the ability to power up to 15 homes in a 12 mile-per-hour wind?

A mid-size, portable wind turbine, called the Portable Power Center, from Uprise Energy, a San Diego-based wind energy company. The 50-kilowatt device is designed to provide affordable, practical electricity for remote, off-grid communities. Set-up requires one technician and one day; maintenance is minimal and done at ground level, according to Uprise. The energy produced is affordable, the makers say, less than utility, solar and diesel power.

Currently this device is just a concept, but Uprise Energy has had an overwhelming response, including from the governments of Argentina and Peru:

The Portable Power Center has received considerable interest from the governments of Argentinaand Peru, along with commercial interest from companies in Southeast Asia, according to Mr. Knight.

"We're actively communicating with a number of these parties and are somewhat overwhelmed with the positive response a little media attention has garnered," Knight wrote in an email.

If Uprise Energy is able to develop a working model for the Portable Power Center, and keep it affordable, there will be a very real possibility that we will see these popping up anywhere there is a need for electricity.

Read the article here: http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/Energy-Voices/2012/1105/Green-technologies-Portable-wind-turbine-promises-off-grid-power