Vice President Biden Visits Detroit

Joe Biden was here at the NextEnergy building on Wednesday, August 4, 2009, speaking about the economy and the effects-to-date of the $787 billion stimulus package. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm invited him to Detroit to discuss the immediate steps he and the Obama administration have taken to rescue the economy and the long-term investments that they are making to rebuild for the future. Michigan Senator Carl Levin (D) and Mayor Dave Bing also spoke at the event.

As a leading catalyst for alternative and renewable energy, NextEnergy proved to be the perfect place for Mr. Biden to describe his plans for building a new national economic foundation – one based on energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services.

Here at Nextek, we’re excited and delighted that our US leaders are finally embracing and promoting this new green economy, as it is the surest way for us in Detroit (and the Nation) to rebuild our economy, enjoy lasting prosperity and weather future economic storms.

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See photos Vice President Biden's visit below:

Governor Granholm, introducing Mr. Biden.

Mayor Bing.

Joe Biden speaks at NextEnergy.

Senator Carl Levin.

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