Solar Power Purchase... The Easy Way

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce Solar Services, a new way to purchase the innovative Nextek DC-powered lighting technology packaged with photovoltaics to provide efficient, integrated solar power for commercial and industrial applications. Solar Services defines the state of the art by offering solar power through a KWH purchase agreement. The simple purchase of the solar output provides all the benefits of solar without the burdens of capital and other resources normally expended by the customer. Under the Solar Services program, Nextek owns, operates and maintains the solar power system, and meters and bills for the energy produced. Nextek maintains a comprehensive focus and responsibility for the Solar Services program, working in concert with the customer to assure the desired results. Focus areas include development, program management, innovative application of state of the art technology, engineering, procurement, construction, financial engineering and operations.

The business process supporting the program has several steps which allow a customer to evaluate the financial and technical aspects of the program without risk. The first step is the Preliminary Evaluation, which includes an onsite walk-thru, energy analysis, and preliminary proposal by Nextek. Should the customer choose to proceed after review of the preliminary proposal, appropriate commitments are then, and only then made. The program is generally structured on a fixed cost per KWH basis, with a typical term of 10 years. Capital required for the solar assisted lighting installation is integral to the KWH purchase.

Solar Services is to the traditional solar business as energy services is to the traditional energy business. Focusing on the sale of the output of the solar as opposed to the assets themselves, enables the supply of grid competitive services.

Solar Services is available for all customers who own or lease facilities suitable to host the installation of solar power and who want to benefit without the risks associated with traditional solar power investments. Please contact Nextek at 631-585-1005 for further details or browse our Website at