Power to the People!

Recently, our own Liang Downey, Director of Digital Domain attended the Power to the People: Distributed Generation and Microgrids Conference in San Francisco California.  Conference discussions focused on the innovation and integration of renewable energy generation and smart grid technology changing the way we can produce energy. In this new environment, Distributed Generation & Microgrids can play an unprecedented role in increasing efficiency, replacing non-renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions.  Panel discussions answered questions about the potential of distributed generation meeting electricity demand; what are the leading technologies driving current and future growth; and what are the key technical, logistical and economic hurdles in accelerating deployment? Liang was joined on a panel by Carrie McLaughlin of Nordic Windpower, Kevin Passalacqua of Bloom Energy and Ed Sappin of BP Solar.  The Panel, Moderated by Matt Lecar of GE Smart Grid was a lively discussion about "Scaling Down to Size - The Technology Landscape".  Liang's contribution concentrated on microgrids and the EMerge Alliance innovative approach to using DC power for lighting applications.

The audience was mostly students and faculty of both UC Berkley and Stanford University as well as industry professionals.  Greentech Media was there and they covered the conference as well.  Click here for their complete story.