Nextek to Discuss DC Power Networks At The Green Building Power Forum

As an Emerge Alliance member we will conduct a presentation about DC power networks and on-site power sources in buildings at the upcoming Green Building Power Forum. The main purpose of the event, sponsored by the Darnell Group, is to identify the challenges, progress and opportunities of DC power distribution. Energy industry representatives such as design engineers, component and equipment makers, distributed generation system makers, industry organizations (such as Emerge), utilities and government departments will be there to contribute to the discussion of all aspects of building power including both high-voltage and low-voltage DC power distribution, hybrid AC and DC distribution architectures and DC microgrids.

“We’ll be there to give a contemporary explanation of which DC power generating technologies are available to power Green Buildings today, and we’ll also be there to promote the EMerge Alliance mission of creating a new global standard for DC power distribution and device control in commercial buildings,” says Nextek CEO, Paul Savage. This is because, Paul continues, “ the use of DC distribution provides building owners with unprecedented design and space flexibility, lower energy costs and greater long-term sustainability.”

Redefining efficient power for buildings is the theme of the Green Building Power Forum, which will be held June 1-3, 2009.

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