Nextek Technology Featured at 2012 Michigan Lighting and Energy Conference

Nextek Power Systems’ Direct Current lighting technology was on display at the 2012 Michigan Lighting and Energy Conference on September 18, and was featured in a report on the CBS Detroit web site later that day. The Nextek display featured the company’s wireless DC lighting technology, which is designed to maximize design flexibility while minimizing lighting costs. The system connects to Nextek’s DC Microgrid technology, which relies primarily on renewable energy sources, such as solar, and incorporates AC grid power only when needed. Low-voltage DC power is supplied to an Armstrong DC FlexZone ceiling grid. The grid is a wireless drop ceiling design that carries the DC current, which is safe to the touch. This means that lighting panels can be placed or moved anywhere in the grid, without having to be wired, which translates into optimum lighting conditions for any room configuration.

Once installed, the lighting can be controlled remotely though an Internet application from a remote computer or smartphone, allowing users to turn lights on or off using an Internet connection.

The Electrical Industry Training Center is operated by the Southeast Michigan chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and Local 58 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The EITC is often used as a demonstration center for the electrical industry, showcasing advanced lamps and fixtures, control hardware and software, and advances in solar and wind energy.