Nextek Receives New UL Classification for Ballast Retrofit:Change Lets Customers Save by Switching to DC Ballasts

Nextek Power Systems Inc. has received a new Underwriters Laboratories classification that makes it possible to quickly and easily retrofit AC ballasts with safe, low-cost DC ballasts. The new classification, UL 2108, replaces UL 1598. A team of Nextek engineers and employees authored the document, with guidance from UL regarding safety certification requirements for this innovative retrofit product. The classification and Nextek’s instructions make it easy for building owners and managers to switch out AC ballasts and replace them with DC ballasts, which can reduce the cost of operating luminaires significantly.

Usually, no other changes to the luminaires or the lamps are necessary to accommodate the DC ballasts.

Paul Savage, Nextek Power System’s CEO, said, “We believe our low voltage DC lighting ballasts are the most efficient dimming fluorescent ballasts in the world. Connecting them to our Direct Coupling® Power Server Module (PSM) makes the total system the most efficient commercially available anywhere.

Nextek manufactures ballasts and power supplies for multiple types of T8, T5, CFL and Biax lamps, Emergency Ballasts, and DC Ceiling Fans.  All products are registered with the EMerge Alliance and compatible with that organization’s 24V DC Occupied Space standard.

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