Nextek Promotes DC Power At NeoCon

We were in Chicago this week to speak at the NeoCon ® World’s Trade Fair. Over 50,000 trade professionals attended this event which is the largest exhibition of contract furnishings for the design and management of the built environment of North America. NeoCon showcased thousands of innovative products and resources for corporate, healthcare, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors from more than 1,200 showrooms and exhibitors. We attended NeoCon to check out what’s new in the building industry, but we were also there to host a seminar called “DC Power From The Inside Out – Changing How We Design And Use Buildings” with our EMerge Alliance partners Bruce Graham, of Johnson Controls, and Brian Patterson, of Armstrong World Industries. During this seminar we discussed the increasing use of DC-powered digital devices in commercial interiors today from electronic lighting to local workstations. We also covered the latest advances in DC power and how to effectively integrate these innovations with a wide range of upcoming technology and design trends.

DC FlexZone Wins Gold At NeoCon

A terrific example of innovative DC power technology is Armstrong’s new “DC FlexZone” grid system, the industry’s new ceiling grid with the ability to distribute low voltage DC power. The plug and play modularity of DC FlexZone combined with the benefit of repurposing and reconfiguring a space WITHOUT the need to rewire rocked the booth Monday morning – resulting in a big win for Armstrong: a “Best of NeoCon 2009” Gold Award in the Workplace Technology category. Congrats Armstrong!

As always, we promoted the Emerge Alliance mission of developing a global standard that integrates interior infrastructures, power, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices such as lighting, in a common DC platform. This is because DC power provides building owners with unprecedented design and space flexibility, lower energy costs and greater long-term sustainability.

This greener, cheaper and safer way to conduct electricity was a main theme of this year’s NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, and we were pleased to be there – paving the way for the widespread use of DC power in commercial buildings.

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