Nextek Power Server Model 1600 C2 Heads to Underwriters Laboratories for Testing

In order to meet the National Electric Code requirements for Class 2 power units, a number of power servers are being sent to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for rigorous testing. The power servers will be a part of a system conforming to the EMerge Alliance®, a standard for low-voltage DC power distribution and use in commercial building interiors. Our power servers are being tested for temperature tolerance, mechanical strength, power ratings and overall safety requirements according to UL Standards 1310 and 2577. Additional servers were sent to UL for a 2043 Burn Test. We anticipate receiving their findings soon. UL is the resource across North America for product safety certification and compliance solutions. Once the power server receives certification it will be released to market first in the United States. Guest Blogger John Jahshan, Director of Engineering