Nextek Heads to Anaheim for Green Building Power Forum

This month Paul Savage, CEO of Nextek Power Systems, will be headed to Anaheim, California to participate in the Second Annual Green Building Power Forum sponsored by the Darnell Group. This year's forum will consider all aspects of building power including both high-voltage and low-voltage DC distribution, hybrid AC and DC distribution architectures, and DC microgrids. Our very own Paul Savage will be participating in a round table discussion titled "How to Accelerate the Adoption of DC Power Distribution".  Other events sponsored by the Darnell Group have been very successful, including the DC Building Power Japan conference this past December. This first annual conference included numerous important "firsts" including the first comprehensive review of DC power architectures for homes, data centers and microgrids. The first joint meeting of the EPRI DC Power Partners and the Japan DC Power Industrial Partners. The approval of a provisional standard for 380v DC data centers and the first public tours of high-voltage DC powered data centers...very exciting news!