Nextek CEO Paul Savage Shows STAR Power at TEDx Detroit Event

Nextek Power System’s CEO, Paul Savage, spoke recently at a TEDx Detroit gathering to brief the public on the company’s efforts to bring electrical power to people in Haiti who live off the grid.

The portable, solar powered trailer system is called the STAR (Stationary or Transportable Available Resource), and is designed to be a community charging station, capable of providing power to as many as 400 people at a time. Many of the recipients have never had electrical power in their homes.

This simple solution, consisting of a deployable solar panel, battery charging station and charging controller, makes it possible to power homes and small businesses anywhere, regardless of proximity to power utilities or other sources. Community members charge their battery packs at the station, and carry it to their homes, where it is hooked up to lights and other small electrical loads.

Development of systems like the STAR is critical to the economic and cultural development of the one billion people around the world who do not have access to electrical power, and the additional two billion who have substandard power.