Michigan State University Goes All in for Microgrid Technology

Michigan State University recently released its Energy Transition Plan, which calls for the implementation of microgrid technology to achieve a future where the university is powered completely by renewable energy. Currently, renewable energy accounts for less than 2 percent of power generation at MSU. In addition, the university’s T.B. Simon Power Plant has been named by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as Michigan’s 25th biggest polluter, so the move to renewable energy should make a significant impact on the campus environment and energy costs.

The MSU plan includes improving the physical environment of the campus, using the campus as a laboratory for developing new technologies, and applying the knowledge gained towards improving the quality of life for local, regional and national communities.

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. applauds the Michigan State University initiative. Nextek is an industry leader in the design and implementation of Direct Current microgrids for buildings and campuses. Microgrids offer a variety of advantages to many facilities, especially those that need to run independently of the AC grid, in case of a supply failure, or a terrorist attack. Many government offices and military installations are already at work planning for such systems.