Green Today, Jobs Tomorrow: Nextek's Role In Michigan's Growing Economy

On Monday, Nextek attended the extremely important Michigan Green Jobs Conference in Lansing, MI. Notables such as President Obama’s advisor on green jobs Van Jones and U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis were there, and the event focused on driving Green Job Initiatives in Michigan and how a green future will promote workforce development and economic growth in our state. As the auto industry continues to decline, Michigan is wisely embracing the emerging green economy as an opportunity to create much needed jobs in the state. Innovative programs such as “No Worker Left Behind” are helping to retrain former manufacturing workers into fields such as Alternative Energy Production and Efficiency, Green Building Construction and Retrofitting, Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation and much more.

Many key Michigan lawmakers were at the Conference, including Governor Granholm who addressed the 2500+ audience with remarks about Michigan’s very promising Green Future. She spoke of the smart, efficient office building of the future, which will run on a safe, low-voltage DC power platform – which is the very core of what we on the EMerge Alliance are promoting. “It was exciting to hear these comments from the Governor, because it finally feels like she and others are ‘getting it’”, said Nextek Power Systems Operations Manager, Brandie Kaminski. That is, leaders in the community are catching on to the fact that renewable energies and the adoption of clean DC power in a standard platform are pivotal for job creation, energy efficiency and the environment.

So where does Nextek fit into all of this? As important players in the energy efficiency business we are innovators of a new, different energy strategy. And it is our unique Power Gateway – called Direct Coupling® -- that serves as the crucial point of connectivity between these new green, renewable energy sources to the DC loads that consume them. So when you talk about constructing a new, green building or retro-fitting an older one, it is our intelligent routing device that will enable renewable energy sources to be more easily used and to become more mainstream.

The green, renewable energy movement won’t move forward successfully unless we rethink the way energy is generated and used. And Nextek is helping to shift the paradigm – by offering an easier more effective way to harness and use energy.

People are starting to catch on our way of thinking and, as a result, we feel the opportunities for growth here in Michigan -- and the rest of the world -- are endless.

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