2010 Michigan Republican Governor hopeful Rick Snyder visits Nextek Power lab

Mr. Snyder is currently the CEO, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Ardesta LLC, a high-tech venture capital firm located in Ann Arbor. Prior to this, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer of the computer company, Gateway, Inc. Frustrated with the current economic course of our fair State, Mr. Snyder has become quite politically active in recent years and is one of two Republican candidates hoping to replace Jennifer Granholm as Governor of Michigan in 2010. He officially threw his hat in the ring this past Tuesday, July 21, 2009, where he kicked off a five-day statewide tour from Thomas Edison’s famous and historic lab at Greenfield Village. We like the parallel that he came here next.

Running on a platform of innovation and reinvention, Mr. Snyder has expressed his desire to create a new era in Michigan – calling it “Michigan 3.0” – indicating that with him at the helm, a newer, better version of the State will be coming soon.

We’re enthusiastic supporters of anyone interested in bettering the state, however we believe that the only way we can truly enter a “new era” (and get on the road to economic recovery) is by embracing green energy technologies that will not only make us Nationally more energy independent but will also provide desperately needed jobs for our talented but under-employed work force.

We were pleased to tell Mr. Snyder about what we are doing here at Nextek to promote alternative energy technologies that will make our cars and buildings more efficient and environmentally friendly. We also explained that our energy strategy and products can be mass-produced, along with solar panels and wind turbines, using current Southeastern Michigan engineering talent and supply chain technology.

Here at Nextek we believe that Michigan needs leaders who understand the importance of leveraging the need for clean energy into economic growth and new jobs. Hopefully Mr. Snyder and the other candidates for Governor will wisely embrace the new Green Economy and the many opportunities and benefits that will come out of an energy efficient future.

In the meantime, we were pleased to meet him and discuss our mutual vision of a more successful and prosperous Michigan.

Nextek's Paul Savage and Brandie Kaminski with Rick Snyder