380 VDC Gateways Added to Nextek's Detroit Offices

Nextek Power recently added two 380 VDC Gateways to their Detroit Offices. 380 VDC Gateways

Two 480 VAC to 380 VDC gateways that are able to produce 8oKw of power each have been installed outside of the Nextek Power Systems' Detroit offices. The units, which can accept both renewable and AC energy sources, are the key to our R & D for bi-directional vehicle charging and discharging. Our short term goal is to provide a DC microgrid that charges a DC electric vehicle. The DC electric vehicle will also provide power back to the microgrid to power additional DC loads. It is a very exciting opportunity for Nextek, which will also be using the gateways to power their office lighting, motors and IT loads. There is so much potential for these gateways and we look forward to sharing more exciting news as the story unfolds.