United Nations Develops Sustainable Energy Effort

Bringing affordable and renewable energy sources to the world, especially to people in developing countries, is a primary goal of the United Nations Foundation. Recently, the foundation’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative established a global Energy Access Practitioner Network, which focuses on both household and community-level electrification. The concept is to provide energy for health, agriculture, education, small business, communities and household solutions, with an overall goal of achieving universal access to modern energy services by 2030. Key to the efforts is the development of alternatives to current energy sources in developing countries, which often do not provide electrical grid access to many of their citizens. This forces people, especially in rural areas, to rely on outdated, expensive and sometimes dangerous carbon-based lighting and power sources such as kerosene burners, charcoal, or wood.

Nextek Power Systems applauds the UN’s initiative and is committed to helping create the next generation of sustainable power sources. Our technology benefits customers in both developed and developing countries by decreasing dependence on electrical grid power, and therefore on carbon-based energy sources.

Network members are working to accelerate the scale-up of renewable and low-carbon technologies by removing market barriers to the effective delivery of energy services. This includes promoting the adoption of new technologies and innovative financial and business models, as well as the identifying best practices.

More information about the UN program is available at http://sustainableenergyforall.org/events-outreach/practitioner-network.

There are also specific links to pdf documents:

A list of the members of the Practioner Network.

The Practioner Network factsheet.

The Practioner Network's Recommendations to Achieve Universal Energy Access.