Fascinating Lecture by Thomas Friedman

I was glad to join Debra Jacobson, the Co-Director of the George Washington University Solar Institute, at Thomas Friedman’s lecture on her campus last week. Friedman, a New York Times Columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author based his talk on his book Hot, Flat and Crowded and focused on the need for an Energy Technology (ET) Revolution. This, he says, needs to be forceful and eventful, like the IT revolution was, leaving companies like the Digital Equipment Corporation in its wake. He argues that there needs to be, necessarily, stranded ideas and assets in this revolution, like old utility business models and a few veins of coal, I am guessing. The force of Mr. Friedman’s talk was exciting for me because it’s sounds like a good preamble to our business plan to bring solar PV to commodity use through DC Microgrids. Higher efficiency for renewables and stored power, greater independence and choice for customers, benefits for the grid as it’s designed today are all consequences of this shift, which sounds like a revolution to me. Guest Blogger: Paul Savage, CEO, Nextek Power Systems