What's New in Wireless Communication Methods: 6LowPan

The next generation of wireless controls employed by Nextek Power Systems, 6LowPan, is produced by Aspen, Colorado based Amatis Controls. Utilizing their 6LowWireless™ technology, Nextek Power Systems is able to provide its clients with a cloud based wireless controls solution. With the addition of a router, motion and light sensors, and dimming switches, we can uniquely configure a controls solution for each individual client. The SKY family of controls includes the following:

Sky Bridge – router

Sky Command – 8 input switch interface

Sky Duet – 2-button switch for multiple device control

Sky Medley – 2 button switch and occupancy sensor

Sky Rise – dimmer

Sky Trio – 3-button switch

Sky Sense Motion and Light: occupancy and daylight sensor

For clients who choose 6LowPan, the system's Energy Dashboard gives them access to real-time data and graphing tools which allow them to monitor energy consumption, troubleshoot control issues, and regulate dimming and on/off functions.  The system is continuously collecting and storing data in the cloud. This data can be accessed anytime for analysis from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, 6LowPan can be connected to a BACnet system for complete management of a client's lighting, HVAC, fire/life safety, and other building automation systems.