What's New in PSM Communication Methods?

What’s New in PSM Communication Methods: The PS Manager Interface

Nextek Power Systems has utilized multiple methods to communicate with our Power Server Modules (PSM) over the years. When developing a lighting system for our clients, we include the communication method that best fits their needs. It's another example of the flexibility of the Nextek Power Systems DC lighting solution.

Our original method of communication is the PS Manager Interface which consists of a digi wireless communication module in a Zigbee USB dongle. Once the dongle is attached to any computer with a USB port, and the appropriate software (included with the purchase of a Nextek PSM) is loaded into a computer, the PS Manager is ready for wireless communication with any PSM within an RF line of sight range of 400ft.

The PS Manager technology was developed in-house by Nextek Power Systems engineers. It's open source software is available to be shared with any company or individual who believes they can improve the functionality of the PS Manager. This non- cloud based wireless technology is included with every PSM, and it's performance is optimized when utilizing a system with 5-10 PSMs, but has the capability of connecting 255 nodes.

With the local wireless control capabilities of the PS Manager, a client can power on or off all 16 channels of the PSM, as well access these features of the PS Manager:

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Power

  • Energy meter

  • Graphing

  • Data Logging

  • Scheduler

Through the kiosk, the following status reports of energy consumption and overall functionality of the unit are also available:

  • PV Power

  • Utility Power, Load Power, and graphics for each

  • Event Logger for tracking errors

  • Solar power usage

Look for information on another generation of PSM communication in our next posting.