The Importance of "the bottom line" in selecting an environmentally Conscious technology

This is an interesting article from , discussing the impact the "bottom line" can have on selecting an environmentally conscious technology for a project.  It highlights work done by two of our partners, Steel Orca and the Emerge Alliance. Nextek is also a founding partner and governing member of the Emerge alliance. The article, which focuses on greener IT data centers, explains that many companies are interested in choosing more energy efficient solutions. Currently, greener storage costs more than traditional data storage, but as these technologies become more cost competitive, more companies will seek to incorporate them into their datacenter infrastructure, and more vendors will develop new products. As this happens, it will be important for industry-wide standards on datacenter efficiency to be in place to guide the manufacturers and IT providers in the development of their products. That goal is fully supported by Emerge Alliance and Nextek.

The full article can be read here


Laura BergsmanComment