Paul Savage Presents proposal to the Judges at Bloomberg New Energy Finance's FiRe Summit in New York

On April 15, 2015, Paul Savage, CEO of Nextek Power Systems and Chairman and Founding Governing member of the eMerge Alliance, presented our proposal, "Growing the Grid Around the Load: Open-Source Sunblazer Micro-Utilities Already Investible" to the distinguished panel of judges at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance's FiRe summit in New York City. His insightful presentation was well received by the audience. While the proposal, which was a joint effort between the IEEE and the eMerge alliance, was not a winner of the competition, it did gain great exsposure for the  the concept of our Sunblazer trailers.  There was much interest among the participants of the summit in seeing the expansion of the Sunblazer trailers deployment in global areas where they could have a great impact on the local economies and infrastructures. Many positive relationships were made at this summit, and we are encouraged that our Sunblazer trailers will be deployed throughout the world in the future.

You can view a clip of Mr. Savage's presentation here: