Nextek's Partnership with IEEE Smart Village program to provide power to underserved parts of the World

Since 2010, Nextek has been partnered with IEEE to distribute electricity in the form of our SunBlazer trailers, through both the IEEE Community Solutions Initiative and currently through the IEEE Smart Village Program.  Recently, several companies and foundations have shown support for these initiatives. In fact, this past April, Nextek CEO, Paul Savage, made a presentation on behalf of the IEEE during the Bloomberg Energy Finance Summit’s Finance for Resilience initiative.  In his presentation, entitled "Scalable and Standards-Based DC Microgrids,” he discussed the importance of imparting microgrid technology in underserved parts of the world, as well as explained the current state of developing standards for this technology.  The presentation was extremely well received, and opened new dialogues between Nextek and other parties interested in promoting the growth of these initiatives.