Nextek CEO Paul Savage Named Chair of EMerge Alliance Board of Directors

Nextek Power Systems CEO Paul Savage has been named as chairman of The EMerge Alliance, an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe direct-current (DC) power distribution standards for buildings and homes.

The Alliance announced its board of directors on June 25. Past Chairman Brian Patterson transitioned into the role of president.

As a Founding Governing Member of the Alliance, Savage has been actively involved in the growth and development of the Alliance and its standards since its beginning. He has served on the board since 2008 and has contributed to its strategic direction as a board officer.  He has been particularly active as the board’s liaison to key government, academic and industry organizations that are actively collaborating with the Alliance. He comes to the energy technology sector from finance. A graduate of Haverford College with a degree in Philosophy, Savage’s experience includes bond trading at CS First Boston and risk management at Lehman Brothers before joining the start-up operations of the Caterpillar Dealership in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“We have a lot of work in front of us as we continue to lead the transformation of electrical power systems to revolutionary digital energy networks that are safer, more flexible and less costly to control,” Savage said.  “Brian’s passion and technical expertise have played an instrumental role in the Alliance’s success, and he will be able to make an even greater impact on our progress by providing operational leadership as president.

“Establishing new relationships with end users and other key stakeholders will be high on our agenda for the balance of 2014,” Savage added.

“Growing our leadership team is an important step toward making DC microgrids a reality for buildings all over the world,” Patterson said.  “We’re set to expand rapidly, and I can’t think of a better person than Paul to provide strategic direction as chairman.”

The EMerge Alliance’s Growing Standards Portfolio

The EMerge Alliance continues to work toward completing new DC power standards to achieve net-zero-energy buildings. The EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard creates an integrated, open platform for power, interior infrastructures, controls and a wide variety of peripheral devices to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power within commercial buildings. The EMerge Alliance Data/Telecom Center Standard provides a practical guide for the hybrid use of DC power in data centers, offering improved reliability and efficiency, smaller footprint, and lower capital and installation costs. Currently in development, the Campus Microgrid Standard will focus on the integration of DC microgrids throughout whole buildings and the Task Level/Furnishings Standard will define DC power use at the desktop. Moving forward, the Alliance recently announced the beginning of work on standards for residential buildings and plans to continue its vision by developing standards for building services, such as HVAC, and standards for outdoor applications like electric vehicle charging in the near future.