Committed to the revitalization of Detroit, Nextek relocated to the city in 2005 and continues to hire local talent to engineer, design, and manufacture our systems. 

Nextek Power Systems is a Detroit-based tech company dedicated to providing others with the power to save energy. Our systems leverage high efficiency power converters and smart controls to optimize energy usage while drawing power from renewables, batteries, and the grid. Our technology reduces lighting ROIs and improves control functionality; we are the only practical solution for powering LEDs.

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Paul Savage - CEO


Paul comes to the energy technology sector from finance. A graduate of Haverford College with a degree in Philosophy, his experience includes bond trading at CS First Boston and risk management at Lehman Brothers before joining the start-up operations of the Caterpillar Dealership in Hanoi, Vietnam. At Caterpillar, Paul wore two hats as Director of Marketing and Customer Finance. He is credited with helping grow this green-field start-up to 87 employees, 5 offices, and $22 million in sales in two years. Paul is also Chairman of the EMerge Alliance™, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and a member of the Board of Directors at Winrock International.  At Nextek, Paul Savage is the architect of the company’s IP, financial, and partnering strategies. Paul leads a comprehensive team of operations and engineering talent here at Nextek (he's pretty important).


Ben Hartman - CTO

Ben is responsible for designing and guiding the company's product roadmap and representing Nextek on several key national forums.  Ben is an Electrical Engineer with 20 years experience in technology and management consulting.  For the EMerge Alliance™, Ben is the Chair of the Technical Standard Working Group and guided representatives from the member companies to author the recently completed standard.  A graduate of Tufts University and Columbia Business School, he has developed proprietary controls and precision devices for Technicon Inc., performed Telecom and Media strategic consulting for Booz Allen & Hamilton as well as corporate strategy and new business development for SNET (now AT&T). Ben developed one of the company's key patents for the bi-directional version of our flagship product.

Brian Noble - CFO / COO

Brian is responsible for all of Nextek's financial and reporting functions. He comes to us after a successful career as an entrepreneur. Through a process of mergers and acquisitions, he has successfully created and sold four multi-million dollar companies in both the high tech and transportation industries. Brian has personally acquired 35 companies, and sat on several companies' boards as they proceeded through the IPO process. Before he began his successful career as an entrepreneur, Brian was a Vice President for Fujitsu/ICL and a director of Marketing for McKesson. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science (Accounting) from Missouri State University.